I never believed in the “you are a product of your environment” theory. I am the Son of two Immigrants who came to this country with nothing. I was the kid who was surrounded by gang violence and drugs while growing up. I am the African American man born and raised in Brooklyn, NY who decided to become a cop, and do something about it. I am the Cop, who is still hated by those from his community for the choice that he made.

Growing up in New York City, a big city with people from all different races, ethnic backgrounds, and walks of life,…allowed me to learn the most important lesson: It doesn’t matter where you are from or what your skin color is. Life is all about the choices that we make. I am the product of my choices.

This Country, The United States of America, gives us the privilege of having a lot of choice in life… also known as Freedom. Some people choose to use that freedom of choice,…to desecrate that which gave them those Freedom of choices in the first place. The Freedom that many gave their lives for.

My choice…is to fully appreciate and take full advantage of our Freedoms to continue to be successful. I’ve traveled to many different countries. I’ve seen what we have, that they don’t. I wish more people did. Maybe they would realize that you can’t make everything about race. Maybe they would realize that you shouldn’t kneel for that which represents hope & opportunity. Maybe they would realize that the very thing they are protesting, is actively and blatantly being practiced in many other less privileged countries. Maybe they would realize that, this country…and Freedom, isn’t as bad as they think after all. #Dontkneelonfreedom

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